Words are my specialty.

A force to be reckoned with, Mihad has the rare ability to be able to use her inspirational quotes as the basis of her talks. Whether it be delivering an inspirational keynote, a workshop or simply moderating, Mihad's words will no doubt educate and inspire.

Why Should I Hire Mihad?


If Mihad says yes, you know you are special. Being true to who she is, in her life and onstage is what inspires others.

Unique Content & Take Aways

With a diverse background in business, education and media and a love of creative ideas, Mihad's messages are never standard. Each one is created especially for you. As an educator, Mihad knows the power and purpose of a point. What you take away will change your life.

Passion and Purpose

Mihad's love of words knows no bounds. Words are her life. She eats, breathes and sleeps words. There is no such thing as standard when you have passion.


Mihad's creative ideas are unique to your brand and business which ensure your guests are
genuinely engaged before they arrive at the venue to long after they leave.


She is kind, warm and empathetic which makes you feel like she is someone you have known for years.


In a league of her own as one of only a handful of people in the world to create inspirational poetic quotes, Mihad joins the list alongside the late Maya Angelou and Oprah, making her a true leader in the field.

"Celebrating success, no matter the magnitude, challenges defeat' (Words from an Entrepreneurial Mind, 2016)

This inspirational and powerful quote is a constant reminder to any business that the celebration of every step, whether it be in the form of a product launch, press conference, award ceremony and the like, is crucial to the overall longevity of the business.

With Mihad’s knowledge in Media and Communications and Elementary Education as well as her insight into the human mind, her time on stage is an experience from start to end. Bringing customized creative content and memorable and actionable takeaways allows Mihad to genuinely engage your audience leaving them always wanting more.

"Find it. Feel it. Own it."

Discovering her passion, purpose and contribution to the world, Mihad seeks to serve others through her words both off and onstage. Her work ultimately seeks to inspire others and help them find greatness within themselves.