• Do You Create or Curate Content?

    Create. Curate. These two words are very interchangeable especially now with social media. But the question to ask is are they the same thing? The answer: no, they are not.

    Creating content is content that you create. True. As a writer, I write these blog posts from my own mind. That is me creating content.

    Here is…

  • The Plagiarism Lowdown

    Plagiarism. I would like to think many of us understand the definition but scanning social media tells me otherwise. Many people think of college essays when they hear the word plagiarism but that is not the only context.

    According to the University of Oxford (2018) it is the “…presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own,…

  • 5 Ways Plagiarism Can Ruin You on Social Media


    To plagiarize or commit plagiarism is, according to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary (cited in, 2017)


    to steal work from someone else and pass it off as work you did
    to use something someone else created and did not source them ( you did not say where you got the work from
    to steal someone else’s words and…

  • How to Live your Best Life

    For the past few months, I have been quite intrigued about passion and purpose. I have inwardly known my passion since it came into my life at 15 but it is only now at 32, that I am living into it. It is one thing to mentally understand something, it is another to put it…

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