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The first day of the year

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For the past few months, I have been quite intrigued about passion and purpose. I have inwardly known my passion since it came into my life at 15 but it is only now at 32, that I am living into it. It is one thing to mentally understand something, it is another to put it into practice. It is now that I am taking steps to live my passion and purpose.

There is only one soul I think of when the words passion, purpose and life, spring to mind: Oprah.

Googling the words ‘living your best life Oprah’, I came across an article about a “Live Your Best Life” event. What got me thinking was not the article but the comments at the bottom of it.  One comment was ‘Live your best life- they’re already living in flippin’ (location) you idiot’. Another wrote ‘My best life would be living in a small yet tasteful penthouse co-op unit overlooking Central Park in NYC. Oprah, how can I achieve this?’.

 Their comments prove to me that they do not know what that phrase or action means. It proves to me they, along with many other people on this planet, think it means something external. They think that living your best life comes from the outside. If that were true, then money would rule the world. It does not rule the world nor should it be the main motivator. Living your best life does not come from the outside. It comes from within. To break it down, living your best life means that every day you are waking up and choosing love over like, love over hate, choosing to lead instead of follow, choosing passionate purpose instead of simply settling, choosing to thrive in the life you have chosen and the list continues.

Although not living my best life yet, I am working my way towards it and not simply settling. In my daily life now, I am taking the smallest steps that will propel me forward to fully do so.  This may seem silly to you but it is all in the name of passionate purpose. I am choosing the mug that I love to drink my tea out of. I am choosing the frying pan that I love to cook my eggs and potatoes in the morning with. I am choosing the pink marshmallow over the white when I order a hot chocolate. These small but lovable choices make me feel more confident in who I am which make me feel more confident in my larger choices, such as the upcoming release of my books of poems and quotes for the world to see, which is both my passion and purpose.

Being cognizant of our choices creates confidence which is when our best life begins and continues until eventually every facet of our lives is nothing but love. That is the meaning of living your best life.

Have you taken the steps to live your life with passion? How? Tell me below in the comments.

*This article was first published on Thrive Global and has been edited.

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