Creative Soul

This creative wordsmith and entrepreneur is currently working on a screenplay adaptation of a novel and a worldwide book and video series called Women Empowered. This first edition of this series will be in the United Arab Emirates.

Mihad was born in the United States to Egyptian parents and raised there alongside time in Australia.

Inspirational Words

A passionate lover of words, Mihad first fell in love at 15.  She began by writing poems, then lyrics and now inspirational quotes.

Her latest book is Inspired Love, the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry entry. Before that came Words from an Entrepreneurial Mind in 2016 which a book of quotes that speak to her experience in and with business. 2014 was the year that Radiant Love – the first of the love trilogy- was born.

Mihad’s third poetry collection Angel flew into the world in 2007 and is about the angels of the world; those that help others.

3 months after Questions came ME, a collection of introspective poems about her life thus far. In 2005 her first book of poetry Questions was published at 20 years of age which included the inspirational quote

The greatest gift is not giving to yourself but giving yourself to others

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