5 Ways Plagiarism Can Ruin You on Social Media


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To plagiarize or commit plagiarism is, according to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary (cited in P.org, 2017)


  • to steal work from someone else and pass it off as work you did
  • to use something someone else created and did not source them ( you did not say where you got the work from
  • to steal someone else’s words and pass it off add you own
  • to take something you found and present it like you created it

As a writer of original and poetic quotes, I detest those that take words that are obviously not theirs, change it around slightly or not at all, add their own watermark and hashtag and suddenly they are creators of art like I am. Um, no. It is tacky. It is disrespectful to genuine artists. It makes you look like you are unoriginal and superficial.

I posted a competition once on my Instagram for my fans to post their favorite quote and author of the quote among other things. The fan posted the quote and “author”. Stupid me, though oh, that’s a lovely quote thinking nothing of it and sent her a copy of my book “Words from an Entrepreneurial Mind”. I later went back and googled the quote word for word. What did I find? Over 300,000 results for that quote. And people are thinking this person said it? Plagiarist much? This is not exclusive to this person. Millions of people online do it which I hate. In the eyes of the public this person is seen as inspirational, fantastic, amazing, which I cannot stand when in actual fact I see through the facade.

As Founder and CEO Juan Imaz notes in his 2017 article copycats are everywhere now in social media but there is a price: plagiarism. Terina Allen, in her 2014 piece writes “…people are hoping to gain huge benefit without doing any of the work..”. There you have it. People wanting the glory without the sweat. Not on my watch, honey. Hell to the no!

Here are 5 ways plagiarism can ruin your reputation online.

  1. You will not be seen as honest and trustworthy.
  2. You will lose work because you stole another person’s work.
  3. You will not be seen as having any originality or creativity.
  4. You will not be associated with positivity.
  5. You will not be credible with anything that you say or do moving forward


Has anyone ever plagiarized your work or of someone you know? Let me know in the comments below.

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